Our Model

The Collaborative, Facilitative and Interest-Based Model™ (CFI) is the heart of Phoenix Strategies, Inc.’s services and training. 

The model itself can be used as a way of life. Not only is it used to manage conflict, but it can be used in our daily, personal and professional activities. Whether communicating with family, friends or co-workers or negotiating to meet goals, this model can bring about mutually satisfying results for those directly involved.

Collaboration is based on the tenet that people are in relationship. It is not so much the conflict or the issue, but how we manage situations that determines the degree of volatility or peacefulness. People are less likely to launch a formal complaint or sue the person that has harmed them, if they have a mutual relationship with the person. By connecting with people to create care/concern and trust, issues can be resolved as partners, working together to design optimal solutions.

Facilitation supports individual empowerment by assisting people to make their own decisions from an internal place of self-comfort. The model is based on the belief each of us is the best person to make decisions about our own lives. After all, we know the most about our situations, what we want and what will ultimately work. Most often, we do not need someone outside our situation, telling us or pressuring us to accept his/her idea of what he/she thinks will work. However, it may be helpful for others to empower us by asking questions or challenging our perceptions and ideas. Empowerment happens when there is full understanding of a situation, which includes our own self-awareness and capabilities, and the other’s perspectives.

The last component of the model is Interest-Based. When faced with situations, we need to look beyond the surface positions and information, and delve deeper into what really matters. These are interests. By exploring and understanding one’s self and the other’s needs, desires, fears, intentions and emotions, new insights come to light. Through identifying what is really important, options or a plan can be created using these needs and desires as the focus. By addressing these significant interests, instead of symptoms or surface information, workable solutions are realized.