Conflict is Kindergarten Work

I was shocked when my granddaughter brought home papers the first week of school, instructing parents how to teach their kindergarten child the use of the “I Messages” (“I feel ____when_____ because _____, and I need____”). This is astounding because our Phoenix Strategies’ higher education trainers … [Read more...]

“Leave All Things and Follow Me“

In a "Leave All Things and Follow Me“ presentation, Richard Rohr says, “You have to know yourself before you can move beyond yourself. Most people therefore just glaze over when they hear such impossible idealism”. Phoenix Strategies, Inc. (PSI) trains mediators and provides services using … [Read more...]

The Salt in Relationships

In reflecting on relationships, I have observed or heard comments on how people sometimes talk on and on about themselves, never asking about the other or their situation. I also have experienced those who keep the conversation on others, with little talk about their own life. In both cases, the … [Read more...]

“What If’s”

During a couples coaching session, the man and the woman were heatedly discussing what had transpired since the last session. Accusations were flying back and forth, relating numerous confrontations that had arisen.  I was amazed in hearing their emotionally charged presentations because I was … [Read more...]

How to Select a Mediator?

The best referrals are often by word of mouth from someone you know, who has actually experienced a mediator’s performance. You can also search mediator professional organizations. Many mediators are willing to travel.   Know what you are looking for in a mediator. Develop a list of … [Read more...]