“Make Peace with Conflict: The Radical Results of Well-Managed Conflict”

Contrary to popular belief, conflict is not the enemy. The truth is, conflict is often the best way to create intimacy and trust between people, not to mention its ability to generate creativity and fresh energy, strengthen leadership and loyalty, renew morale and motivation, increase productivity … [Read more...]

The Perils of Assumption

Last week’s divorce mediation reinforced for me the importance of asking questions in place of assuming the worst about a person’s actions or even the best.  A year earlier, the husband had requested a divorce and for a year the wife had been dragging her feet on filing. He concluded that she … [Read more...]

Conflict is Kindergarten Work

I was shocked when my granddaughter brought home papers the first week of school, instructing parents how to teach their kindergarten child the use of the “I Messages” (“I feel ____when_____ because _____, and I need____”). This is astounding because our Phoenix Strategies’ higher education trainers … [Read more...]

“Leave All Things and Follow Me“

In a "Leave All Things and Follow Me“ presentation, Richard Rohr says, “You have to know yourself before you can move beyond yourself. Most people therefore just glaze over when they hear such impossible idealism”. Phoenix Strategies, Inc. (PSI) trains mediators and provides services using … [Read more...]

Workplace Mediation — Nobody’s Right If Everybody’s Wrong by Thornton Mason

Check out this great article by Thornton Mason, a national workplace mediator with 25 years of experience resolving over 1200 employee matters. July 5, 2016 In a recent discussion with a labor attorney I heard a remark that really caught my attention. "You … [Read more...]