Course 140 – Integrated Conflict Management for Business

Join Phoenix Strategies for our 3-day course in Integrated Conflict Management for Business.

Integrative Conflict Management System (ICMS) principles provide an overarching structure to promote comprehensive and long-term dispute resolution outcomes. Most organizations get stuck in the institutional phase of conflict management where statutes, regulations, policies and procedures dictate how issues are addressed. Some organizations evolve to an interest-based process whereby underlying, real and critical needs are identified and resolved. Today, organizations realize a comprehensive, integrated approach is needed. Prevention, early intervention and resolution coupled with on-going evaluation, involving internal and external stakeholders, is the way to go.


Participant will learn about…

  • Benefits of a comprehensive system for conflict management
  • Evolution of approaches to resolve organizational conflicts
  • How to assess costs and organizational conflict origins
  • Principles of integrated systems design
  • Characteristics of effective systems

Prerequisite: 40-hour Basic Mediation course from PSI or any other training organization. A waiver of prerequisite is available for qualifying candidates.  Please see the “Waiver of Prerequisite Request” form in the PSI Course Catalog (linked below) or contact PSI at 719-266-8181 for additional details.

24 classroom hours / 3 days

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Please see the PSI course catalog for full course and program details, including entrance requirements, enrollment agreement, tuition & course fees, maximum class size, and more.

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