Transformative Mediation

Brought to the forefront by Bush & Folger’s groundbreaking book The Promise of Mediation published in 1994, Transformative Mediation is a unique approach to conflict management.  Unlike traditional problem-solving approaches to mediation, where the mediator directs outcomes, Transformative Mediation focuses on empowering parties in conflict to come together in mutual recognition, and  identify their own mutually agreed upon solutions for solving their conflict. 


  • The framework for the transformative model
  • Differences between transformative mediation and other models
  • Differences between transformative process and problem-solving process
  • Reflection and insights into one’s belief and values regarding conflict, mediation and the mediator role
  • Ten Indicators of Transformative Practice
  • Skills and techniques for supporting opportunities for empowerment and recognition
  • Clarity surrounding ethical situations
  • Demonstrate process in mediation role-plays

Prerequisite: 40-hour Basic Mediation course from PSI or any other training organization. A waiver of prerequisite is available for qualifying candidates.  Please see the “Waiver of Prerequisite Request” form in the PSI Course Catalog (linked below) or contact PSI at 719-266-8181 for additional details.

24 classroom hours / 3 days

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