Conflict Management Systems

Workplace Conflict Management and Integrated Conflict Management Systems Design

PSI’s Customized Integrated Conflict Management Systems (ICMS) provide end-to-end conflict management strategies for all stakeholders across your organization.

Comprehensive dispute resolution processes, procedures and techniques help you to focus on your business’ bottom line instead of costly litigation and grievances.

Characteristics of an effective ICMS:  

  • Prevents, identifies, and resolves diverse problems amongst all stakeholders in the organization
  • Supports a culture that encourages early conflict management between those who are directly involved
  • Provides a menu of processes and multiple access points to meet individual needs and swift intervention of issues
  • Provides systemic infrastructure and resources to foster competence at all levels.
  • Creates ongoing monitoring and evaluation for continuous improvement

Other benefits include:

  • Improved productivity, quality and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Collaborative work environment, deterring violence and bullying
  • Improved physical and mental health of employee (less sick days and lower employer health care contributions)
  • Higher employee retention, decreasing replacement costs
  • Decreased costs for sabotage and theft, and affects of passive/aggressive behaviors as missed deadlines
  • Improved managerial and organizational image

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