Customized Training


PSI offers custom conflict management training and conflict coach training to businesses and organizations of any size.

Comprehensive dispute resolution processes, procedures and techniques help you to focus on your business’ bottom line instead of costly litigation and grievances.  Conflict management processes and training can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved productivity, quality and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Collaborative work environment, deterring violence and bullying
  • Improved physical and mental health of employee (less sick days and lower employer health care contributions)
  • Higher employee retention, decreasing replacement costs
  • Decreased costs for sabotage and theft, and affects of passive/aggressive behaviors as missed deadlines
  • Improved managerial and organizational image

To learn more about PSI’s personalized training for your business or organization, give us a call at 719-266-8181 today.  Large or small, we have  a custom tailored solution for you.