Course 190 – Restorative Justice


Interested in the fast growing field of restorative justice (also known as reparative justice)?  Join Phoenix Strategies for our 3-day course!Restorative Justice Brochure


  • Gain insight into personal perspectives of victims and offenders
  • Be familiar with the historical movement of Restorative Justice
  • Understand victim rights
  • Learn differences between the traditional legal process and restorative justice philosophies
  • Realize the benefits for victims, offenders and the community
  • Differentiate between guilt and shame
  • Experience various restorative justice practices
  • Identify case sources
  • Learn case management
  • Know critical indicators for determining appropriateness for conferencing
  • Experience one-on-one sessions with victims and offenders through role-play
  • Experience facilitating the conferencing process
  • Use strategies and interventions to support appreciation and accountability
  • Discuss common ethical dilemmas and approaches

Prerequisite: 40-hour Basic Mediation course from PSI or any other training organization.  A waiver of prerequisite is available for qualifying candidates.  Please see the “Waiver of Prerequisite Request” form in the PSI Course Catalog (linked below) or contact PSI at 719-266-8181 for additional details.

24 classroom hours / 3-days

Please see the event calendar for upcoming dates.

Please see the PSI course catalog for full course and program details, including entrance requirements, enrollment agreement, tuition & course fees, maximum class size, and more.  For course registration & tuition payment details, please visit our Registration & Payment page.

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