Documents & Applications


The following is a listing of Phoenix Strategies documents. Click any link to download.  All links open in a new window.

  • PSI Course Catalog:  Includes course descriptions, and registration forms for all our numbered classes. Numbered classes are approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Education (DOE), Private Occupational School Board. Catalog also includes our “Enrollment Form” and the “Waiver of Request” form if needed.
  • PSI Enrollment Form:  Also included in our PSI Course Catalog, this is a standalone version of the enrollment form. This includes the the “Waiver of Request” form if needed.
  • Non-Numbered Class Registration Form:   Non-numbered classes are supplemental classes not regulated by the DOE. Our non-numbered series includes our 2-hour “Interested in Becoming a Mediator”, “Optimizing Mediation as a Career” and “Transformative Mediation” … If you are interested in this seminar, this is the registration form you need.
  • Collaborative Mediator® Certification application:  If you have taken a basic 40-hour mediation training, and are now interested in pursuing certification through Phoenix Strategies, this is the application you need. All details on what is required for approval are included. You can find additional information on the certification process in the PSI Course Catalog linked above.
  • PSI internship application: Gain 60 hours of “hands on” experience working with PSI senior staff conducting mediations, facilitations, coaching, training and research, as well as receive individual one-on-one training and evaluation.  As PSI only accepts one intern at a time, we ask that you please contact us at 719-266-8181 to check availability.

Enrollment forms for our 8-hour Conflict Management seminar.

Please note – do not confuse this with courses 110 (Conflict Coaching) or 170 (Conflict Management).  To register for our numbered courses, use the PSI Course Catalog & Enrollment Form above.